Restaurant Review: Spice Xing

100-B Gibbs St.
Rockville, MD 

On a whim, I decided to head up to Rockville Town Square for lunch on this lovely Thursday.  I kinda had a feeling for Indian, but I wasn’t aware of any Indian restaurants near the square proper (although there’s the excellent Bombay Bistro a few blocks away on West Montgomery).  Looking quickly online, I found Spice Xing and decided to give their lunch buffet a try.

I’m very glad I did.  The place was slightly hard to find as there appeared to be two doors into the place, neither of which had a clear sign stating what is was.  But once I found my way inside, I was greeted with the unmistakeable aromas of various masala and other spice blends.  The buffet itself offered much more of a selection than I am used to seeing at Indian buffets; in addition to your standard selection of entreés, there was a salad with three kinds of dressing (lite Italian, Caesar, and the house; I had the house), a soup of the day (which I didn’t try), and two types of rice:  a standard steamed plain basmati and a tamarind flavored.  Most of the entreés were vegetarian and included a broccoli masala dish, something simply labeled “potato and eggplant”, and a chana daal.  There was also your typical chicken tandoori, but the pieces were quite small and bony and I found difficult to eat without getting bone fragments in my mouth.

All the dishes I tried were excellent.  The spiciness was just right for me; enough to clear my sinuses but any more would have been painful for me.  Also served was fresh naan right from the oven without having to ask; that wins me over every time.  At $8.95, the buffet itself was more than reasonable, but I think $2.25 for a coke was exorbitant.

The décor was understated, but very nice.  Simple, dark furniture made for a clean look, with interesting wall decorations such as a wall of fabric covered mirror squares.  The layout of the place was a little tricky at first because there was a big wall between my table and the buffet and it wasn’t clear if the doorway between was where I should go or if that was the way to the kitchen only, but I figured it out.

So, a lovely lunch in a lovely restaurant.  Now I’m back at my desk, ready for the food coma.

4 out of 5 stars.


Author: taupecat

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