Overdue Post: Netflix for iPhone

Okay, this news is now (gasp!) days old, but I’m still very happy to hear that Netflix is coming out with an iPhone version of its movie streaming application.  Netflix had previously said that it wasn’t interested in the small screen (sorry, can’t find the reference, but I know they said that).  High-profile consumers, such as Roger Ebert have also stated that they would never watch a movie on their iPhones.

But you know what? I have watched movies on my iPhone.  TV shows too.  Sometimes, it’s the best available device, like when I watched Milk on a 17-hour train ride to Florida, or episodes of The Tudors on my daily Metro ride.

So I’m excited that Netflix will be coming to the iPhone.  As I don’t have an iPad (and probably won’t get one anytime soon), it’ll be a great way for me to watch movies when I’m not at home.  Just to have that option signifies that companies are learning, or need to learn, that it isn’t always about what they’re interested in, it’s what their customers are interested in.

Overdue Post: Netflix for iPhone


Author: taupecat

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