This is the commit message I wanted to enter:

“fixing a really STUPID bug that’s only in CHROME (not even Safari, WTF?) where the popup title (a.k.a. the railway title) was overlapping the logo BECAUSE THERE WAS A FRIGGIN’ NEGATIVE TOP MARGIN. 

I mean, what the hell? negative margins, even though they make me somewhat uneasy, are perfectly valid and within the rules of CSS. So why the fuck is Chrome freaking out on them?

And it’s SPECIFICALLY chrome. Safari is just fine, thank you very much.  Crap, IE7 EVEN DISPLAYS CORRECTLY WITH THE NEGATIVE MARGIN!!!

So I’ve deleted the -3px top margin. If anyone misses it, I’m sorry, but there’s no freaking conditional comments for Chrome, so WTF else can I do?”

This is the commit message I actually entered:

“Fixed a Chrome-specific bug where a negative margin caused one element to overlap an element that was supposed to float beside it.  Solution: deleted the negative margin.”


Author: taupecat

Founder & Principal of Taupecat Studios. WordPress Developer & Front-End Architect. Instructor at General Assembly. WordPress core contributor. Speaker. Skier.

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