WMATA Is a Bunch of Incompetent Hacks

…or Why I’m Probably Going to Disable Auto Reload

Tuesday night, when coming home from @WordPressDC, I got charged the non-rider rate coming out of the White Flint WMATA garage instead of the rider rate.  This is the second time that this has happened to me, and the last time it did (in March), I barked about it on Twitter. @WMATA’s response was to call the parking office.  I never followed through that time, but I did today.

Let’s say the woman I talked to on the phone was supremely unhelpful.  (I know, you’re shocked.)  She clearly had no interest in understanding what happened or my theory on why it happened.  She directed me instead to email the parking office for a reimbursement.  Okay, done.

But back to my theory on why this is happening.  I have my SmarTrip card set to auto load $20 every time the balance dips below $20. I think getting off the metro Tuesday night triggered the recharge threshold, and when I tapped the card on the garage exit gate, it recharged the card but forgot that I had just gotten off the train minutes before.  I recall that this was the exact same scenario the last time this happened.

In my email, I implored WMATA to fix this bug in their system.  I’m going to give them a chance to do so, but if it happens again, I’m going to cancel Auto Load.  The convenience of not having to deal with the add fare booths is not worth $3.50 a month.


Author: taupecat

Founder & Principal of Taupecat Studios. WordPress Developer & Front-End Architect. Instructor at General Assembly. WordPress core contributor. Speaker. Skier.

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