Adios, tumblr.

By now, you have heard of Yahoo!’s acquisition of tumblr. for something in the neighborhood of one BILLION dollars.

I’m not terribly anti-Yahoo! or anything like that.  I’ve been using it (more or less, lately a lot less) since it’s URL was  But it’s not where I want any part of my digital home to be.  Also, I’m kind of afraid of what will happen to tumblr. long term, as Yahoo! doesn’t have the best track record of maintaining its acquisitions.  Flickr languished for years under Yahoo!’s ownership, and only recently has shown any signs of life.  I suppose some credit goes to Marissa Mayer for reviving the once-proud Flickr, but I dislike her for other reasons (need to work from home? fat chance!).

Also, I don’t use tumblr. in the way that you’re “supposed” to use tumblr.  I follow some people who are active on it (mostly people I know IRL or am conversant with on Twitter), but I almost never log on to read it.  Mainly, I use tumblr. as my forum for things that are essentially tweet-worthy, but are longer than 140 characters.  That’s pretty much it.  So it’s not like I’m really going to miss its social aspects.

So I’m moving everything I had on tumblr. here to  Why the hosted solution and not my own self-hosted WordPress site,, or even my “family” self-hosted WordPress site  Basically, it boils down to context.  The stuff I shared on tumblr. (and will now be sharing here) are one-offs.  Rants, frustrations (see the recent posts about WMATA), random thoughts about the British monarchy, etc. have no real place in my “professional” or even my “family” web presences.

So from here on out, anything that I would have posted to tumblr. will now be posted here, and linked out through the Twitters, per usual.  And the release of WordPress 3.6 is well on its way (I’ve been running it on my family site, and it is nice!), so soon I will have access to the tumblr.-inspired post format UI that no doubt you’ve been hearing about.  I welcome you to join me!


Author: taupecat

Founder & Principal of Taupecat Studios. WordPress Developer & Front-End Architect. Instructor at General Assembly. WordPress core contributor. Speaker. Skier.

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