It’s a Boy! (Royal Lineage Redux)

He’s here!  The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to an 8lb 6oz son who will someday (presumably) be King of the United Kingdom (and a bunch of other places).

Hey little guy, here’s where you come from:

Prince George of Cambridge < William, Duke of Cambridge < Charles, Prince of Wales < Queen Elizabeth II < King George VI < King George V < King Edward VII < Queen Victoria < Edward, Duke of Kent < King George III < Frederick, Prince of Wales < King George II < King George I < Sophia, Electress of Hanover < Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia < King James I (a.k.a. King James VI of Scots) < Mary, Queen of Scots < King James V of Scots < Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots < King Henry VII < Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond < John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset < John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset < John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster < King Edward III < King Edward II < King Edward I < King Henry III < King John < King Henry II < Matilda, Holy Roman Empress < King Henry I < King William I “The Conqueror”

See for the addendum.


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